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History and Facts of Pennsylvania Counties

Today’s Pennsylvania counties did not always exist in the present form. The Pennsylvania Colony, aka Province of Pennsylvania, was founded on March 4, 1681.

In November 1682 the first 3 Pennsylvania counties formed were BucksChester and Philadelphia Counties.

The Pennsylvania Colony lasted until December 12, 1787, when the State of Pennsylvania was created as the 2nd state.

Pennsylvania is currently divided into 67 counties. States bordering Pennsylvania  are New YorkNew JerseyDelawareMarylandOhio and West Virginia. Pennsylvania has no counties that are lost, defunct or extinct.

Fun Facts about Pennsylvania Counties

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Pennsylvania City Facts

Pennsylvania’s 10  largest (2017) cities are:

  1. Philadelphia (1,580,863) is in Philadelphia County
  2. Pittsburgh (302,407) is in Allegheny County
  3. Allentown (121,283) is in Lehigh County
  4. Erie (97,369) is in Erie County
  5. Reading (88,423) is in Berks County
  6. Scranton (77,605) is in Lackawanna County
  7. Bethlehem (76,239) is in Lehigh and Northampton Counties
  8. Lancaster (59,708) is in Lancaster County
  9. Harrisburg (49,192) is in Dauphin County
  10. York (44,132) is in York County

Map of Pennsylvania County Boundary Changes from 1673 to 1878

This Interactive Map of Pennsylvania Counties show the historical boundaries, names, organization, and attachments of every county, extinct county and unsuccessful county proposal from the creation of Pennsylvania from 1673-1878.

List of Pennsylvania Counties

List of Old Former / Extinct Pennsylvania Counties

Pennsylvania has no counties that are lost, defunct or extinct.

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