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History and Facts of Texas Counties

Texas Counties – The Republic of Texas existed from March 2, 1836, to February 19, 1846. The State of Texas was created as the 28th state on December 29, 1845. Texas borders ArkansasLouisianaNew MexicoOklahoma and Mexico. Texas has 254 Counties.

The Republic of Texas originally consisted of 23 counties in 1836.

List of Texas Counties

Texas is divided into 254 counties.

List of Old Former / Extinct Texas Counties

Texas has counties that no longer are in existence. A lot of these counties were established and disbanded within the 19th century; county borders have modified very little since 1900 in the vast most of states.

At least thirty-two counties that were established by Texas law no longer exist. These defunct counties were either (1) Judicial counties, (2) Counties established by declaration of the Constitutional Convention of 1868-69, (3) Counties established by legislative act but never organized and later abolished by legislative act (4) Counties established outside the present boundaries of Texas or (5) Counties whose names have been changed.

The below Texas counties no longer exist:

?? County, Texas

Created ? from ?. It was abolished ? and re-established as ? County on ?.

  • Bexar Territory – That part of Bexar Land District north of Young Territory became known as Bexar Territory or Unorganized Territory on contemporary maps.
  • Bexar Land District
  • Buchanan County: – Formed in 1858, Renamed Stephens County in 1861
  • Buchel County: Buchel County, along with Foley, & Jeff Davis County were formed out of Presidio County on 15 March 1887. In March of 1889, a legislative act passed attaching the county to Brewster County. Although the then governor did not sign it into law, in 1897, Buchel County was abolished.
  • Cibilo County: Between 1869 and 1874 Wilson County was called Cibilo County
  • Davis County: Formed as Cass County, Called Davis County from 1861-May 1871, Renamed Cass County
  • Denton Land District created 13 Feb 1854, eliminated 19 Aug 1856
  • Encinal County: Formed in 1856 never organized. Abolished in 1899 and incorporated into Webb County
  • Foley County: Created in March 1887 out of Presidio County. The Texas legislature passed an act that created Foley, Buchel, and Jeff Davis counties out of part of Presidio County on March 15, 1887, shortly after passing a similar act making Brewster County from Presidio County. The original Brewster County occupied the northwestern portion of what is now Brewster County, and Foley County occupied most of the southern part. Foley and Buchel counties were not organized, however, and on March 22, 1889, the legislature passed an act attaching them to Brewster County for surveying purposes. Foley County had only twenty-five residents in 1890; thus it was one of the most sparsely settled counties in Texas. Seven years later the legislature passed a bill abolishing Foley and Buchel counties and attaching their territory to Brewster County. With the addition of the territory of Foley and Buchel counties, Brewster County became the largest county in Texas.
  • Fannin Land District created 14 Mar 1846, eliminated 13 Feb 1854.
  • Greer County: Formed in 1860 from Young County, Organized in 1886. Now located in Oklahoma
  • Harrisburg County: Harrisburg County, evolved from and named for the Municipality of Harrisburg, was established in 1836. In 1839 the name was changed to Harris County.
  • La Baca County: In January 1842 the Sixth Congress of the Republic of Texas establish and organize the county of La Baca. On January 12 President Sam Houston vetoed the resolution. On January 29 the House voted to reconsider the resolution. At the same time the legislature attached the new county to the fourth judicial district of the republic. According to the resolution, the County of La Baca would contain parts of Fayette, Gonzales, Victoria, Jackson and Colorado counties. The Supreme Court of the Republic of Texas in its 1842 term ruled that La Baca and all other “judicial counties” were unconstitutional. Four years later, the County of La Vaca was established in place of La Baca, and, on July 13, 1846, immediately after the entrance of Texas into the Union, La Vaca County was formally organized.
  • Mina County
  • Miller County was created on April 1, 1820, included most of what is now Miller County, Arkansas, and the Texas counties of Bowie, Red River, Lamar, Fannin, Cass, Morris, Titus, Franklin, Hopkins, Delta, and Hunt. In December 1874 Miller County was created out of that part of Lafayette County lying west and south of the Red River, and Texarkana, Arkansas, was made the county seat.
  • Navasota County: Created January 1841 from Washington & Robertson Counties, the name changed to Brazos County in 1842
  • Neches County was established for judicial and other purposes on January 29, 1841. Its area included all of what is now Orange County, the south half of the future Jasper County, and the south half of what is now Newton County; Madison was to be the county seat. It was abolished by a Texas Supreme Court decision, in 1842.
  • Paschal County was established for judicial and other purposes on January 28, 1841, included all of the area of future Hopkins, Franklin, Titus, Morris, and Cass counties and most of future Marion County. The county seat, to be selected by county commissioners, was to be named Dangerfield. It was abolished by a Texas Supreme Court decision, in 1842.
  • Santa Fe County: established on March 15, 1848, it was abolished by a Texas Supreme Court decision, in 1842.
  • Travis Land District created  05 Feb 1852, eliminated  05 Feb 1858
  • Waco County: established for judicial and other purposes on January 29, 1842. Viesca was named the county seat. It was abolished by a Texas Supreme Court decision, in 1842.
  • Wegefarth County: Wegefarth County, established on June 2, 1873 and it was abolished by the act of legislature on August 21, 1876, which established the other Panhandle counties.
  • Young Territory created 19 Aug 1856, eliminated  19 Nov 1876

Map of Texas County Boundary Changes from 1834 to 1931

This Interactive Map of Texas Counties show the historical boundaries, names, organization, and attachments of every county, extinct county and unsuccessful county proposal from the creation of Texas from 1834-1931.

Fun Facts about Texas Counties

County Name Facts

The County names:

  • 0 of them named for Native American words or people,

Counties by Year

  • ? County was the first county created on ?.
  •  The last county to be formed was ? County on ?.

Facts for County Size

  • ? County (000 sq mi) is the largest county in Texas.
  • ? County (000 sq mi) is the smallest county in Texas.

Facts for County Population (2017 Est.)

  • ? County (000) is the most populated county in Texas.
  • ? County (000) is the least populated county in Texas.

Facts for Texas Counties and Cities

Texas’s 10 largest cities (2010) are:

  1. Birmingham (000) is in ? County and ? Counties
  2. Houston, San Antonio,  Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano and Laredo